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we're all gonna die ... but i got a helmet

1 March 1982
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I have moved 13 times in the past 7 years. It should be safe to say here that I don’t like moving. At this point though I've come the master packer.

Where all have I lived? Well, I was born in Oshawa but spent most of my life growing up in the middle of nowhere. I suppose the closest thing to where I grew up would be the town of Bancroft, but it seems weird to me to say that “I grew up in Bancroft” when that town was 30 minutes of a drive away. No, more accurately would be to say that I grew up fairly isolated in the Forest of Monteagle Township. Maybe that sounds bad but actually I loved my childhood. My sister was into showing and racing horses, so we had a small hobby horse farm to meet her interests. I really had nothing to do with the horses and I spent most of my time down by the lake or at the pond getting lost and absorbing myself in nature.

It’s after I graduated from North Hastings High that all the moving began. I went here and there and all over the place. I tried my hand at college soon after graduating but that didn’t last longer than a year. Then I tried to work. I soon found out what sort of jobs you can land with only a high school education. I actually ended up down in Pennsylvania living with my mom and step dad.

After a year doing absolutely nothing down in the States I finally had had enough time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and found the motivation to actually go out and obtain that goal. While living in the states I was able to meet Will and his family. They were the more remarkable people I've ever met. Each summer since I have spent a prolonged amount of time staying with the family. In 2007, it marked my 4th summer staying with them, and 5th year of knowing them. Since returning to Ontario, everything has been great.

I came back to Canada to Belleville, where I went to Loyalist College. I graduated a 2-year, Arts and Science program in 2006. I also got my University Prep Certificate. These two items of educational standing were both obtained within a year and a half. All of this is in preparation for my goal of a Master's degree in the field of ecology. Nature and the environment are my one true passion and love, always have been and probably always will be. I combine my love of the environment, science and Christian beliefs to create, what I so far have found to be, a very unique value system.

Currently I am attending Trent University. I just finished my 1st year there (2nd year technically in credits however) in the spring of 2007. I plan on double majoring in Biology and Environmental and Resource Science ... which is now a realistic goal seeing as Chemistry-100 didn't kill me or make me go insane during my first year.

I am living in Peterborough now with my mom (who came to Peterborough with the purpose of wanting to support my educational goal by giving me a place to live rent free, I couldn't thank her enough for this!) along with my wonderful boyfriend, Dave. Life is actually, really ... really good.

Some things I like...
imperfections, supportive people, fruity candy, song lyrics, the fall, Anime, that comfortable silence between two good friends, old stuff, the sky at 3 in the morning, people that are different, movies where the antagonist wins, garlic bread with cheese and bacon ...

Some things I dislike...
noisy little kids, math, not being able to say or do the right thing in those ‘special moments’, bug bites, make-up, insurance, waking up five minutes before I actually have to get up, commercials, chemistry, casseroles ...